Pure Guard


Pure Guard Water is a waterbased impregnating agent that works by penetrating the fibres and laying an almost invisible protective membrane that repels grease, water, grime and stains – but not hot drinks.

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With the new proofing spray, Pure Guard Water, you can now protect your home against most stains, grease and grime in an easy, effective and long-lasting manner.

It is easy to treat your furniture or carpets and achieve results that once were only obtainable by seeking professional help.

You can also use Pure Guard on your sports and outdoor clothing. Clothing and your footwear stay dry, as they repel water while retaining their ability to respire. Particularly suitable for golf, hunting, sailing, running and much more.

A 500 ml bottle of Pure Guard Water is enough to treat 6-7 m2.

Pure Guard Water is also available in 20 liter containers.

Important! Remember to cover surroundings when impregnating with Pure Guard. Optionally, use plastic around the object to be treated.


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